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Coding Door

First Competitive Programming Social Network [Beta]

Member Area

About Coding Door

Coding Door is the new version of Ahmad Kamel Programming Site which was developed using google sites. But now we have moved to better and newer version, which is developed by Ahmed Kamel and Ziad Ouf.

We seek to solve programmers' frequent problems which we also face, so we intended to make this site. Coding Door is not only for programming services but it's an upcoming competitive programming social network.

The site is still a beta version and we are aiming to do more and more. So, we're waiting for your feedback and suggestions in the chat!

New Comer? Please read the FAQ.

Site Components

  • Online Programming Contests Calendar: Always miss online contests? We offer a wealthy calendar! We add all upcoming events of most of active programming sites which are mentioned below the calendar. Enjoy competing!
  • News: You can keep in touch with the world's programming news and important events from the news page.
  • Tutorials: Members can post their own tutorials and explanations of Algorithms, Techniques and Data Structures or add the best ones from external links.
  • Olympiad Archive: An open archive of the previous Olympiad in Informatics data (problems, solutions, test data, results... etc)
  • Bookmarks: A precious list of important sites and links related to programming and online contests.
  • Tools: Some featured tools which might help.
  • Mass Mail: All members will receive notification emails for important news and upcoming events.
Last Updated on Friday, 21 October 2011 22:26


Programming Sites

These programming sites are the most known and active. They host monthly and many frequent online contests on Problem Solving and Algorithms. They also has their own problem archive and online training systems.

Frequent Competitions

Most of these sites' events are being added to the OPC Calendar in the home page.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 March 2014 22:45

Fun Links

Bored from coding? Play geeky games! :D

Or solve Math problems with or without programming!

Last Updated on Monday, 24 March 2014 22:48

Have good programming news? Share it and submit an article! (you must be logged in)

News Feed

News #30 - Z-Trening is Back!

Z-Trening or Z-Training is now back again! But this time on a different domain

The admin message:

Keep coding :)

Z-Training team
News #29

Internet Problem Solving Contest 2011 is on the way!

It is scheduled to be on 5th of June, 2011. Check when do it start in your time zone here. For practice on old contests goto practice session here. alt

UPDATE: Team Registration is now open! Register here.

This event is added to the OPC Calendar. 

News #28

TopCoder is going to host SRM 504.5 after SRM 506 in substitute to SRM 504 which was unrated. It was added to the OPC Calendar.

Check it here: 

Google Code Jam Tools

Google Code Jam 2011 will be starting with 24 hours!

You can use Ahmed Aly's GCJ New Amazing Tools for having fun in the whole event!

News #27 has just announced about this up-coming Open Competition!alt

Yandex Open Programming Competition

Schedule of  its events have been added to the OPC Calendar.